At Johnson Home Improvements, we realise that not all tastes are the same. Your home is as individual as you are. That's why everything we create is custom made, allowing us to tailor the frames, style, colour and glass of our windows to suit individual home designs. We have products ideal for use in urban, coastal or rural areas.

JHI manufactures quality windows and doors in South Australia using the Rylock high performance framing suite.

The Designer Series is noted for its strength and durability. The heavy duty thermally improved frames comprise complex extrusions and feature mitred joints for maximum rigidity. All Designer Series frames include a glazing rebate suitable for both single and double glazing.


There are many different glass types to consider for windows and doors. Today’s range of glazing materials in South Australia can help make your home more comfortable, minimise fading of furnishings, reduce sun glare, noise and improve safety and security   JHI in South Australia are also Agents for the Stegbar range of Timber and Aluminium Windows, and the Breezway Louvre Window system.

Energy efficiency theory


Energy Efficiency has become a major consideration when building a new home or planning an extension to an existing home.

An Energy Efficient home exists in a complimentary way to the climate that surrounds it, thus minimising the effects of extreme temperatures. To do this the house uses the sun for heating when it is cool, but on hot days minimises the heat taken in. On these warmer days, window ventilation should take advantage of any cooling breezes or drop in outside temperature. To ensure that the controlled interior climate remains stable, the building materials utilised need to ensure minimum heat transfer.

The type of window and glass combination used has a big impact on the overall Energy Effectiveness of your home.