The JHI Louvre window is the perfect way add a stylish, breezy air of elegance to your space. Sleek, durable, and manufactured with the latest technology and materials, our beautifully-designed glass and aluminium louvres allow a greater flow of air into your home than other types of windows, and allow you to easily control the amount of air flowing into your room.

Louvre windows are ideal for small rooms where there is minimal space, such as laundry areas, bathrooms or narrow hallways and corridors.

Featuring a series of horizontal glass, metal or timber slats, our louvre windows are opened and closed by sliding an easy-to-operate lever upwards and downwards. Open the slats to a horizontal position for maximum air flow, or to a smaller angle for less air flow in cooler weather or during light rain.

For those who like to leave their windows slightly open while they’re out of the house or sleeping, louvre windows are perfect for this purpose, as they don’t leave any large openings for someone to climb through.